Dry Cleaners

Why You’ll Love Us?

Convenient – We are in your neighborhood twice a week. You may choose regular service on either service day or both. Otherwise, call or email by 9:00 AM on your service day to schedule a pick-up the same day. There is no need to be home for pick-up or delivery. For offices, simply drop your bag at your designated pick-up/drop-off location.

Nothing to Carry – Stop lugging all your shirts, pants, suits, and dresses around town to your nearest cleaner. We’ll do that for you so you have tons of extra time to hit the gym if you really want to lift something. Then we will deliver back to you on the next service day, freshly cleaned and pressed. It is that easy.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Contrary to what its name implies, dry cleaning involves washing clothes in a liquid solvent to remove stains.

At Al’s Cleaners, we use an eco-friendly method that is not only better for the environment, but the life of your items and they won’t end up smelling dry cleaned. We use a new system known as “Wet Cleaning” which is 100% water-based which is gentler on the fabrics and does not have any residual odor. Your garments also come out brighter with reduced wrinkling. Your garments get the benefits along with the environment.

Schedule Your Pickup!

There is no paperwork required after the first visit unless you want to notify us of a stain or needed repair. All you have to do is schedule a pick-up by telephone at (404) 939-6852 or online using our pickup form.

Our Other Services

We work directly with a local cobbler to provide a complete list of services for shoe repair and shine. We can handle everything form removing scuffs and a simple polish to complete replacement of soles and heels. Ladies’ or men’s shoes, boots or kids, we can make the repair of your shoes as simple as your dry cleaning pickup. We will contact you prior to the cobbler beginning the repairs so you know exactly the cost in advance of the service if you desire.

Leather and suede garments often have a care label which specifies “Professional Leather Clean Only.” These garments are sent to a specialty cleaner for processing. Our partner has been in business for many years. They are experts in all aspects of leather cleaning and care. The garment is tested to ensure colors will not run or bleed. Gentle chemicals and process are used to keep the soft feel and drape of the product. We offer cleaning and refinishing service for all leather and suede items including, jackets, vests, purses,, and hats.

Let us take care of your alteration and repair needs. We offer full tailoring service. Simply pin a note to the garment explaining what is needed. We can do simple repairs, hems, cuffs, lining repair or replacement, and of course buttons. Any missing or broken buttons on laundered shirts are automatically replaced. If the garment has specialty or fancy buttons, we are happy to sew them on if you can provide a replacement. In addition, we can search our sources for similar replacements. If a garment comes in with a tear or down hem, we will contact you for permission to repair.

Our reweaving service is available for holes or tears which standard repairs would be unsightly. Fibers of the fabric are taken from another part of the garment and woven back into the area of the issue. These repairs are time and labor intensive, but yield a repair which is virtually invisible.