Dry Cleaners

Professional Shirt Laundry

First we inspect all garments and look for stains, tears, fraying or weak material. Any stubborn stains are pre-treated prior to washing. We launder your shirts or blouses using environmentally friendly soaps. Items are separated and starch added per your preference. The garments are carefully removed from the washer while still damp. They are pressed on an automated machine.

which blows hot air through the garments and does not stress nor crack the buttons. This ensures the nice, crisp finish you expect from commercially laundered shirts and blouses. Some items do not fit well on the pressing machine. These items are hand-pressed to prevent unsightly creases or folds. This does costs a little more, but is necessary for the best presentation of your garment. We then do one last inspection for broken or missing buttons. Standard buttons are replaced on shirts for free. We will be happy to replace specialty or fancy buttons if they are provided to us with the garment. If a shirts or blouse has a care label indicating “Dry Clean Only,” we will follow that unless you specifically request us to launder and machine press.

We are Laundry “Wash & Fold” Experts

Get affordable laundry solutions at Al’s Cleaners Service. We are laundry cleaning specialists that provide complete wash, dry and fold services to the residents of Peachtree City and surrounding areas. When you’re in need of an expert who can carefully wash your garments, you can rely on the friendly and knowledgeable employees at our company.
Never Waste Your Time Driving to the Dry Cleaner Again!

Al’s Cleaners provides a time saving service that simplifies busy lives. The convenience of our laundry pick-up and delivery, alterations and shoe repair services, combined with superior customer service creates a customer experience that ensures very satisfied and loyal customers. Our laundry pick-up and delivery service is dependable and convenient, Guaranteed!

Schedule Your Pickup!

There is no paperwork required after the first visit unless you want to notify us of a stain or needed repair. All you have to do is schedule a pick-up by telephone at (404) 939-6852 or online using our pickup form.

FAQs About Our Laundry Service

There is no need to separate your colors and whites. We will do that for you. You should, however, be sure that your socks are not balled up, and that there aren’t clothes inside of clothes, such as two shirts that you took off together, or shorts and sweats that came off together. These oversights will prevent your clothes from getting their cleanest and may result in color runs. We also suggest that women use garment bags for their bras and underwear to prevent damage and potential loss from the laundry machines (due to some of these garments being so small).

If you would like something special done with your clothes, we will be more than happy to comply if possible. We will air dry, low heat dry, wash in delicate cycle, and wash separately. Simply put a note in your laundry bag with specific instructions, or tell us when you sign up online. If you can isolate the specific garments you want special care for, that helps make sure we get the right ones. We also offer dry cleaning at competitive rates. Note that if an item has “dry clean only” on the label, or if our highly trained washing staff feel the item will be damaged by ordinary laundering, we will pull the item out to be dry cleaned.

If you are worried about something shrinking and don’t want it to go in the dryer, no problem. Just put a note with a description of the article and request that it be air-dried. There may still be some shrinking, however, with certain fabrics and especially with newer clothes.

We weigh the clothes when we receive them and we weigh them when they are completed, so we always know when there is a problem in the system. We also wash and dry all of our customers’ stuff individually (never mixing customers’ laundry) to further insure against any laundry mix-ups, and to maintain the highest standard in service. If you think something is missing, you can tell us and we will immediately investigate. However, all claims of missing clothes must be made within three days of laundry delivery or we will not be liable.