Cleaning Down Comforters & Pillows

Cleaning Your Down Comforter – The typical home washer does not have enough ‘room’ in the basket to properly wash, rinse or dry a down item. In addition, it is critical that the item be microscopically inspected before processing. This pre-inspection is especially important because the slightest opening in a seam or weak spot in a fabric must be repaired before cleaning.

Otherwise, the mechanical action will cause some (or most) filler to escape and you will be left with a mess in the washer or dryer and a fluffless and downless garment or comforter. These items are best handled professionally. We have the equipment and chemistry especially designed to handle large, bulky items and the tools needed to carefully inspect and repair items prior to cleaning.

Cleaning Your Pillows – We are fully equipped to remove, clean and refresh the down in your pillows leaving you with a hygienically clean pillow inside and out.

Care Tips & Dry Cleaning Service for Your Draperies or Curtains

Al’s  Cleaners are drapery cleaning experts and offer complete drapery cleaning services. Your draperies are very sensitive to their environment. Over time, constant exposure to the sunlight will weaken fibers, cause color fading or streaking and in extreme cases, dry rotting of the fabric.

Humidity will affect different fabrics in varying ways. In cold cause either shrinkage or stretching, but more importantly, it can create condensation and produce watermarks, which are very difficult to remove in the cleaning process. It is important if your draperies do become watermarked that you promptly arrange for cleaning. Fresh stains are more likely to be removed safely and completely, though with watermarks, there are no guarantees.

Preventive Maintenance
Regular maintenance of your draperies will help to prolong their useful life. We recommend routine vacuuming with the dust brush on your vacuum every 3-4 months and professional cleaning every 2-3 years for draperies and every year for sheers. This will remove the harmful effects of months of exposure to cooking fumes, dust, tobacco smoke, and other environmental pollutants. In addition, Keeping shades or blinds drawn will help to minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

Dry Cleaning Your Floor Rugs

Al’s Cleaners specializes in treating delicate rugs of all kinds, including Persian, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Indian, Silk, antique and handmade.

At  Al’s Cleaners, each Oriental and area rugs are treated individually with special attention, care, and proper cleaning. At our state-of-the-art cleaning facility, we determine the best cleaning technique and method that suits your rug’s particular weave, fibers, and dyes. We ensure your satisfaction with the best results and extend the life of your rug and best protect your investment. Our technicians use the cutting edge technology processes in order to deep clean and revive the colors of your rug. At Al’s Cleaners, we believe that the practice of rug cleaning should encompass the most complete service to the client.

Review Dry Cleaning Delivery Services Steps to Expertly Cleaning Your Rug:

  • Pre-Inspect – The condition of each rug – look for fading, discoloration, stains, wear, pre-existing damage, color instability and odors. We determine the clean ability of each rug and the appropriate cleaning procedure to be used. (See note below)
  • Dusting – Dust and particulate matter lying deep within the rug are removed using compressed air and specially designed tools. Foot traffic and dry soil can act like sandpaper on the fiber, and this step is often referred to as “air washing” or “dusting” of the rug. Vacuuming, shaking, or beating are not nearly as effective.
  • Pre-Treat – Spots, spills and stains using the most advanced spotting techniques.
  • Pre-Clean – Traffic and heavily soiled areas.(Discoloration due to wear, fading, or chemical reaction is not reversible.)
    Agitate, Dissolve, Suspend and Extract the ground in soils.
  • Rinse – To further remove soil and cleaning residue (to restore the natural feel).
  • Restore – The nap with special grooming tools.
  • Dry – The rugs in our climate-controlled drying room. Drying time is less than 24 hours.
  • Final Inspection – We maintain the highest standards, so our inspection process is thorough. We don’t hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the cleanest rug possible. It’s that final touch that means so much.

Al's  Cleaners

Al's cleaners is a full-plant service that offers free home and office pick up and delivery in Fayette and Coweta Area. With Al's Cleaning Easy dry cleaning pick-up, you can spend less time worrying about laundry and more time doing things that matter to you. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding quality and convenience, GUARANTEED.



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